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Hybrid working has come to stay. Decision-makers, managers and change facilitators are asking themselves how they can effectively design the change to a hybrid working organisation.

Our formula "1-5-6" brings to the point what is important in this transformation. Focusing on one key, five levers and six phases enables organisations to successfully follow their own path towards becoming a Hybrid Performing Organisation.

The key lies in the transformation of culture, because the way of interacting in an Hybrid Performing Organisation changes in a comprehensive sense.

The five levers provide guidance and information on where to start in the organisation to change what in order to effectively transform its culture.


Consciously moving through six phases of the transformation process ensures that the Hybrid Performing Organisation is boldly advanced and culturally anchored.

Overview Becoming a Hybrid Performing Organisation.png

How do you think your HYBRID PERFORMING ORGANISATION should evolve?

Let's discuss your next actions.

We believe in strong cooperations: We develop our offerings around hybrid performing organisations
in cooperation with denkmodell. For more information on denkmodell, click here.

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