Hybrid working has come to stay. Decision-makers, managers and change facilitators are asking themselves how they can effectively design the change to a hybrid interacting organisation.

Our formula "1-5-6" brings to the point what is important in this transformation. Focusing on one key, five levers and six phases enables organisations to successfully follow their own path towards becoming a Hybrid Performing Organisation. The key lies in the transformation of culture, because the way of interacting in an Hybrid Performing Organisation changes in a comprehensive sense. The five levers provide orientation and information on where to start in the organisation in order to effectively transform its culture. Consciously moving through six phases ensures that the Hybrid Performing Organisation is boldly advanced and culturally anchored.

Miro Board Hybrid Performing Organisation

Our offer


In our 45-minute keynote, we introduce you to what is important about the Hybrid Performing Organisation and what really matters in the transformation.

C-Level workshop

We develop a coherent picture with you on these questions:
i)  What internal and external drivers and trends are you confronted with as an organisation and what impact does this have on your business model?
ii)  What is a Hybrid Performing Organisation and to what extent could a transformation have a strategic benefit for your organisation?
ii)  What could a change towards a Hybrid Performing Organisation look like in practice?

Would you like to develop for your team, your department or the whole organisation your hybrid working model? We have four offers for you and are available for a non-binding discussion.

Organisational diagnosis

Our organisational diagnosis gives you a solid orientation. Because we offer a fresh view from the outside! We gain insights into your processes and structures, conduct individual and focus group discussions, review relevant data and documents. We then mirror what we have perceived with regard to the five levers of change towards a Hybrid Performing Organisation and give recommendations for possible actions.

Change consultation

We are happy to support you with the help of our
formula 1-5-6!
We identify the central elements of your formal organisation that need to be changed. Step by step, we work with you on the decisive levers to transfer the organisational culture in a lean and sustainable change process. We adapt the scope and intensity of our support to your specific needs and provide you with advice and support.

We believe in strong cooperations: We develop our offerings around hybrid performing organisations
in cooperation with denkmodell. For more information on denkmodell, click here.

How do you think your HYBRID PERFORMING ORGANISATION should evolve?

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