Virtilitation brings virtual and hybrid working in organisations to life.

Virtilitation /ˈvɜːtɪlɪˈteɪʃn/

composition of 'virtual' & 'facilitation' ​​> the process of making something possible or easier in an entirely or largely remote environment


With our services we bring your virtual or hybrid
teams and organisation alive.

We facilitate your virtual & hybrid meeting or workshop and accompany you to shift to a truly virtual or hybrid performing team.

We help you develop your organisational culture to enable productive and meaningful working in a virtual and hybrid setting.

We support you develop your skills to facilitate remarkable virtual and hybrid meetings, workshops and entire group processes.


Our take on virtual work

We fully embrace virtual (team) work as an effective way of building trustful relationships and getting things done. For us, it is so much more than just video conferencing and starts way earlier. It is not better nor worse than traditional face-to-face communication and work - but simply different. And although any virtual work comes with challenges, it also offers a whole set of new possibilities and can bring inclusive, interactive processes to the next level. 

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Together, we bring to you

32 years of work experience

facilitating groups of

2-500 participants

3 languages and

33 countries

and supporting 54 different teams in

What our customers say:


Achieving an ambitious goal in a one-day online workshop with 25 people and having fun at the same time .... - that's something you have to moderate first. Henning did it. Many thanks for the professional guidance.
Prof. Michael Dircksen, Prodekan
Münster School of Business

Excerpt of clients we worked with

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PAREMA - Morrocan-German Energy Partnership

Conseil, Ingénierie et Développement S.A.

NIRAS Gruppen A/S

C40 Cities

Sustainable Industrial Areas Working Group (GIZ / Worldbank / UNIDO)

University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration & Police, Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania

EU 4 Business

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