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Team - Martin

Martin Reinfeldt is a certified organisational development consultant, trainer, facilitator and graduate in public administration with 21 years of professional experience, including 6 years in Benin and Tunisia. Since 2014 he has been working as an independent consultant in organisational development with a focus on consulting, facilitation and training. He increasingly focussed on remote team collaboration and virtual facilitation, resulting in a complete and definitive shift towards being an entirely virtual facilitator for workshops and team processes. 


Martin has carried out numerous assignments in international cooperation, the public sector in Germany and the private sector, demonstrating his ability to quickly grasp the essentials and understand the dynamics and particularities of each work context as well as group dynamics.


Since a transition period at a Berlin-based start-up in 2007 and getting first hand insights into the working style of various digital pioneers, he has been familiar with agile and remote principles, integrating them into his and his clients’ daily work.

Team - Hennng

Henning Niehues is a certified organisational development consultant and industrial engineer, with work experiences with colleagues, internal clients and service providers in several European countries, China, the U.S. as well as Brazil. Complementary to Martin and his external clients, Henning has worked 11 years mostly as internal consultant and process facilitator. He was directly involved in further developing the framework for a company rapidly growing from 100 employees in 3 locations on 1 continent to 600+ employees in 15 locations on 4 continents.

Reporting directly to the Board of Directors, his work focussed very early on developing a coherent, helpful organisational culture in a physically dispersed company, leading his focus to the full scale and potential of remote collaboration. As Head of Corporate Development he accompanied and implemented numerous projects from the highest management levels to everyday tasks, allowing him detailed insights into all relevant aspects of structuring, designing and managing an organisation.

After a decade in this line of work, he is setting sails to support other organisations develop their culture in a hybrid environment.

Team - Corinna
Profilfoto Corinna Kirchner.jpg

Corinna Kirchner is a certified organisational development consultant, facilitator and trainer.

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