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We empower you

with the skills and competencies 

helping you succeed

in a hybrid and virtual work environment. 

Overview of our current trainings

Next training starting
9 November 2022


Get and Receive Useful Feedback

Next training starting
on 17 October 2022

​Still enough spots available

Do not wait too long

Next training starting on 20 October 2022

Corporate culture in virtuality

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What our attendees say:


Martin Reinfeldt helped me to experience a considerable gain in competence in virtual facilitation issues through his course: very practical but also very common and light-footed!!  I can only recommend!

Dr. Luiz Ramalho, International Consultant

What you can expect from our trainings:


No short cuts. A full scale training that equips you with all essential elements you need in a real virtual and face-to-face work environment.


No webinar, no MOOC. Real interaction, lots of room for questions, trying things out and feedback in small groups.


We abstain from long inputs and emphasise on exchange and lively (inter-) activity in groups.

Individual Contact

During the training and beyond, the trainer is also available for questions spontaneously via phone or on the "Discord" platform. Fixed, individual appointments can be arranged.

Peer Learning

Small learning groups during and in between workshops will allow you experiment with what you have learnt and exchange with others.

Action Based

Do & Reflect or Reflect & Do. Putting into practice everything we learn is part of Virtilitation's DNA. Experiencing things is what makes us learn most effectively.


We are virtual facilitation experts, but you are the expert in your field of activity. The training values and refers to your work and life experiences.

Your experiences count.

You did not find the course or course language you had in mind?

You are looking for an in-house training specifically designed for your organisation? 

We also offer individually designed trainings to your specific needs. Get in contact with us and discuss with us what you are looking for. 

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