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What are your believes and values?

Ours are the following:

Environmental protection

The reason, we started this service in the first place. We try to consume as few resources as possible. And we want to dedicate our time and experience to people and teams who work for, not against our planet and the younger generations.

Being helpful

Tight deadline? Change of plan? Complications along the way? Don't worry. We will always do our utmost to remain flexible and adapt to your changing needs. We do what helps and serves you and your team most.

Supporting the black community

Black lives have been marginalised and looked down to by white people for centuries. Let us work together against any form of racism and exclusion and make our workshops a safe space for black people. And let us do what lies within our power to close the gap between white and black in terms of access to resources and networks. For our training courses, we offer up to two scholarships per training (with only a symbolic fee applying) for people of the black community, in particular women and non-binary persons.

Putting people first

Improving the performance of your team at the expense of your team members' well-being? What if we would explore and find other ways to unleash your team's full potential?


We value meaning and authenticity and deliver our work best and most effectively when being put into a corresponding scenario.

You are still here?

Great! Let us get to work, then!

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