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Hybrid Work

It has come to stay.

Use it to your advantage.

Hybrid working - optimally tailored to your organisation - can make a major contribution to overcoming the big challenges of today's world.

Meeting the shortage of skilled people? Contributing to a sustainable environment? Increasing the productivity in distributed organisations?

Hybrid working implemented correctly leads your organisation to a higher performance and overall success. We guide you. 

Our Roadmap

Our approach "1-5-6" brings to the point what is important for working and collaborating in a hybrid set-up. Focusing on 1 key, 5 levers and 6 phases enables organisations to successfully follow their own path and master their specific challenges.

Our approach is published in the leading German magazine for change management and organisational development (ZOE). Learn more.

Get Impulses

Understand the benefits of successful hybrid working and how to get there.

Master your Challenges

Make use of the advantages of hybrid working - we guide you.

Reignite Cultural Belonging

Align Leadership with Hybrid Working

Reshape your work culture

Develop your work culture further to enable productive and meaningful work.

Change Consultation

Together with you we design lean and sustainable change processes and accompany you during the transformation. We adapt the scope and intensity of our support to your specific needs and provide you with advice and support.

Appreciation in podcasts and magazines

How organisations can reshape their working culture to enable their employees to work in a hybrid way! 

Henning talked about this challenge with Nora and Martin in the podcast #ichwiralle. Check it out. 

Consequently flexible - transformation to a hybrid organisation

In our article in the ZOE you will find an answer. 

ZOE 3_22 Cover.jpg

How corporate culture can be intentionally influenced and what is important for a positive and appropriate corporate culture!

Henning talked with Berit in the podcast "Morgens halb 10 im Innovationsdorf". Check it out. 

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