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We have your back.

Remote team building with participants on 4 continents,

C-level strategy workshops for an international company, a steering committee meeting with generals and ambassadors, an interactive online conference with 300 participants. 

We have done it all. With a long list of references in our bag, we provide you with state-of-the-art virtual and hybrid facilitation for your workshop, event or process.


Occasions for Facilitation

There is almost no occasion, where we have not yet been facilitating!

Strategy Workshop

Network Meeting

Project Steering Meeting

Team Workshop


Round Table

Planning Workshop

Capacity WORKS Workshop

Multi Stakeholder Process

Big Group Events

Management Retreat

Team Development & Coaching

No matter, where you and your team stand or what your challenges are:
Our facilitation helps you navigate - even in stormy waters!

Feedback between Team & Team Lead

Reorganising a Team

Onboarding of new Team Members

Critical Moments & Crisis

Collaboration & Communication Agreements

Remote & Hybrid Team Development

Tensions & Conflicts

Coaching new Internal Facilitators

How we work

One of the first questions you will hear from us is:

"What do you want to achieve?" From there, we walk you through all the necessary steps. We think of everything, keep you up-to-date during the prep work and get back to you for important decisions.


What we are striving for are interactive, engaging, and lively events. Our overall approach is human-centered: We care for the people we work with and those who attend our events. At the same time, we keep track of the objectives and provide the participants with methods and tools that will help them achieve the objectives as efficiently as possible.

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