If you are seeking support for a single workshop, a series of meetings or for accompanying your team over several months: Please leave us a message down below with some basic information about your virtual facilitation needs. 

Here are some examples of how we can support you:

  • Facilitating a meeting or workshop

  • Facilitating a particular session of your workshop

  • Accompanying your team to improve the remote communication & meeting culture

  • Elaborating a workshop concept, including the technical set-up

  • Giving feedback on your own workshop concept

  • Coaching your new internal facilitators

  • Supporting you design a change process

  • Supporting your team's remote collaboration

  • Coaching 'facilitative' team leaders

  • Doing a 'team check-up' and giving feedback

Some typical occasions for facilitating:

  • Shaping a new project / a new team

  • Team development

  • Strategy development

  • Operational planning

  • Management retreats

  • Giving feedback to team members / the team leader

  • Developing new work processes / services / products

  • Reorganising a team

  • Critical moments or crisis

  • Tensions and conflicts within a team


Never before have I been so relaxed during such a challenging workshop. With Martin, I simply knew everything was in the best hands.

Jolanda Conrad,

Advisor / Project manager @GIZ GmbH

Schedule a first encounter to tell us about your facilitation needs: