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As a client, what are the technical requirements for your services?

​All it takes is

  • A laptop computer with a built-in webcam and microphone or a desktop computer with an additional webcam and microphone & speakers

  • WIN10 or MacOS as operating systems

  • A reliable internet connection (mobile or landline) with 3G speed

  • A modern web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge


If you have the choice, we recommend investing in an inexpensive headset or microphone, as it will significantly improve audio quality.

Do I need to install any additional software on my computer?

No. You can use our services at full scale just by operating with your web browser.

If you choose so, you may also install local clients of the software we use, but it is not necessary for a smooth workshop experience.

Which conferencing tools do you use ?


We are able to use a conferencing tool of your choice plus bringing our own tools, in case some essential functions are missing. Usually, we work with the following tools as well as some further software, depending on the context:

  • Zoom

  • Video Facilitator

  • MS Teams

  • BigBlueButton

  • Miro (virtual board)

  • Mural (virtual board)

  • Conceptboard (virtual board)

Any other question? Tell us what it is you would like to know by writing us a message or let us talk directly:

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