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Hybrid Working

Keynote on Hybrid Work

In our keynote, we unveil what is important about Hybrid Working in a team and across an entire organisation. We show what really matters in the transformation. 

We communicate insights in a way that is easy to follow. We evoke reflections regarding your current way of working that have a resonating effect. We offer you substance, we inspire and we give you easy-to-implement tips. And we use powerful examples to show you how it can be done in real practice.

Very practical and specific. Guaranteed without checklists and boring theoretical treatises. Thanks to our many years of experience in hybrid and virtual work. 

Virtilitation_Keynote_Hybrid Work.jpg

We support you and your team in answering questions like: 

  • What could the hybrid model look like in our organisation?

  • How could a team agreement look like?

  • Where do we need to focus on?

  • What needs to change?

  • How can we evolve our culture to enable hybrid working?  

  • How can we implement the new way of working sustainably?

  • What comes next?

You benefit from: 

  • ​20 to 45 minutes of presentation time plus Q&A session.

  • From small group management meetings, to team meetings and company events.

  • One speaker or in tandem.

  • Virtual, hybrid or on-site - you decide. 

  • Languages: German, English or French.


Next steps:

  1. Schedule a discovery call directly or write us an email.

  2. During the discovery call, we get to know each other better and jointly formulate your specific needs.

  3. We send you a tailored offer, discuss it and set the terms together.

  4. We start working adapting the keynote to your specific situation and context. To do this, we arrange a meeting with you and your key team members. 

  5. We deliver the keynote. 

  6. We conduct a short debriefing. 

  • Start right away or learn more about us and our services.

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