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The 'I' turned into a 'we'

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

News, news, news... While the blog is usually a space for sharing practical tips and virtual experiences with you, this time it is about some major changes here at Virtilitation: We have become a team - a virtual one, of course - and offer new services and trainings which might be helpful for you / for your organisation.

Virtilitation becomes a virtual team

The last time I met Henning face-to-face was in January 2020. Since then, we have been getting to know each other better and started working together entirely virtually. We finally decided to join forces, making Virtilitation a collective brand - because we both believe in the full potential of virtual work and have experienced it ourselves already.

As former Head of Corporate Development in a company with 600+ employees in 15 locations on 4 continents, Henning has become an expert in remote collaboration and particularly in hybrid organisational culture over the past ten years. Have a look at his short profile here.

Henning's office is 2080 km away from mine, yet we meet at the coffee bar almost every day.

We have already found a remote working routine which suites us well and helps us getting our tasks done while remaining flexible and spontaneous at the same time. We will certainly share our experiences with you in a later blogpost.


New services & trainings

With Henning comes additional, complementary expertise and experience. We are now able to offer additional services essential to making virtuality a success:

  • Facilitating workshops and processes

  • Enabling organisations to craft their hybrid culture

  • Offering a broad range of respective trainings

The Virtilitation website adapted accordingly (and will continue to do so). Re-discover it if you like to ;) For a look at our new training offer, click here.


Training 'Virtual Methods and Tools for experienced Facilitators' for the first time in English

With the 2nd cycle terminated in February and excellent, highly encouraging feedback from the participants, we now roll out the 3rd edition of this course in April. This time, we are addressing English speaking experienced facilitators. For more information click here.

'Martin helped me to experience a considerable gain in competence in virtual facilitation issues through his course: very practical but also very common and light-footed!! I can only recommend!' Dr. Luiz Ramalho, International Consultant

This is it for now. If you would like to get in touch with us, do not hesitate. Happy to get to know you soon.

Working with Martin & /Virtilitation:

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